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FINDHELP4SENIORS is a meeting place for seniors across Canada as well as their families and caregivers. Our goal is to ensure that Canadian seniors have access to the best senior-friendly community resources, services, agencies, and businesses, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind. Start using FINDHELP4SENIORS today! We provide help to caregivers, seniors and businesses:

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The Senior Friendly Card Program 

This is a program that we introduced to showcase companies that have been verified as senior friendly.  It comprises of a card, A passport to savings and this website.


The card has the senior friendly logo on the front and on the back it lists the companies that are local to the purchaser.  It is used as an ID card that indentifies the bearer as a member of Findhelp4seniors.ca. It keeps companies top of mind who are Senior Friendly. Click here to see a video about the Senior Friendly Cards


The passport to savings has been designed to be easy to find, with its bright white and dark blue design. It lists all of the participating companies regionally by province. We republish the booklet everytime 25 companies join our directory.  The booklet is a mobile solution and keeps a running tap of who is on board with not only providing you a safe buying expereince but also who can save you what.



The website has been design to be a dynamic partner in listing all companies used by seniors. The blue hearts is your signal that this company is on the Senior Friendly Program and has therefore been verified as senior friendly.



Your bathroom is a place where you deserve privacy and independence.
Savanna Medical is a health Canada approved CANADIAN company that provide
universal adjustable shower chairs, transferable bathtub chair, and trans
commode and shower chair.

Universal chairs unit are lightweight, durable, hygienic, low maintenance
and safety approved by Onspex. They support people up to 550lbs., with
safety bars that lock in several positions, as well as looking from and
rear wheels. The seat height can be adjusted without tools, and seatbelt
are supplied. Bathtub chairs conveniently fold and swing out of the way
when not in use.

Savanna Medical can help with any home renovation or modification
necessary to accommodate chairs installation as well as the acquisition on
in house financing or government grant.

New Car Canada offers bad credit auto financing for individuals with good, bad and no credit. They offer an easy, hassle-free and fast online application. Only 3 basic requirements needed and you’re good to go with a new car!


Tips from the Provincial Police

Peel Regional Police

Crimes such as break and enter, assault, robbery, and fraud are always hard on the victim. For those citizens who are older and may be living on fixed incomes, these problems are especially difficult.

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